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Reptiles as Pets for Kids – What You Need to Know

Yes, reptiles are a much more common type of pet than many people realize. While they are furry and cuddly like cats, dogs and rabbits, they do have some features that a lot of people find attractive. For example, some of them have vibrant colors like various snake morphs while others have very unique traits like the independently controlled eyes of chameleons.

The main question we seek to answer here though are not that is a reptile is a good pet but if a reptile is a good pet for children. The answer of course is a mixed bag.

Reptile for Children

Can a reptile be a suitable pet for a child. There’s no simple yes or no answer. While some of the different types of reptiles can be OK, many others are not great options.

What that means is you really need to dig deeper and look at more specific types of reptiles and even specific species within that type.

Some of the major factors you will want to consider are whether or not the animal requires very detailed and constant care or if its maintenance is fairly basic as well as if the child want something they can hold in their hands or not.

Let’s take a look at a few examples.


Snakes are the most common reptile pets. Some make great pets while other can be very temperamental.

A great choice for a pet for a child would be a ball python. They are fairly easy to take care or, are generally OK with light handling, and they tend to be on the more relaxed side of the spectrum. They can still bite now and then, so you’ll want to be careful, but overall they make a good choice.

Larger boas on the other hand are not good pets for kids. They are simply too strong and can grow too large to make them a safe option.

Also, it should go without saying that you should never own a venomous snake unless you are legally OK to do so and they are never suitable pets for kids.


Like snakes, there are many different lizards you can choose from to keep as a pet. From anoles to salamanders, your options are ample. But like snakes too, some lizards are OK for kids while others are strongly advised against.

One of the better lizard pets for kids are bearded dragons, which are a kind and curious lizard native to Australia. They are very common in pet shops, are not too expensive, and they generally love human attentions. Plus, once they grow into adulthood they are not as fragile as many other lizards.

If you want something a little smaller you can always consider a gecko. In fact, leopard geckos are widely considered as excellent pets for new reptile owners because of their demeanor.

Any kind of lizard that hides all the time or does not like being held is going to be a pass in regards to buying as a pet for a kid.

Other Options

Some other choices include various turtle species as well as some types of frogs and toads. However, even the best options in these categories are usually not going to be a s kid friendly as a good snake or lizard.

All Summed Up

Most reptiles are not going to be as kid friendly as a traditional cat or dog. That doesn’t mean you can’t choose one that will be a suitable pet for a child. With some due diligence and careful planning, you will find something that will fit the bill.

Is Kratom Legal in the United States?

Over the past few years, you have probably heard many things about this relatively new supplement called Kratom. Some people believe that it’s a drug and should be banned while others swear by this amazing herb which has its origins in Southeast Asia. In order to understand all the controversy and the two very distinct schools of thought, it’s probably a good idea to know a bit more about exactly what Kratom is and what it is purported to do. Let’s take a closer look at Mitragyna Speciosa, or Kratom, so that you can decide for yourself.

Only Six States Have Banned Kratom

You may be asking why anyone would ban the sale of an herb. However, that’s exactly what they’ve done with cannabis, isn’t it? However, Mitragyna Speciosa doesn’t have psychoactive properties and that is another reason so many people question why six states have classified it as a Schedule I drug. The most common reason why Kratom is banned in Vermont, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Indiana, Arkansas, and Alabama is because it said to have the potential to be addictive. While those are statewide bans, some cities in those ‘legal’ states have also banned the sale of Kratom. See if you can get it locally – if not, you can always shop online!

Why All the Controversy?

Now let’s take a moment to get a closer look at just why some states have banned the sale of Kratom. Yes, it may have the potential to be addictive but that typically comes with abuse. Kratom is the ‘feel good’ supplement that is known to boost energy levels while also having analgesic properties. Many people who swear by Kratom find that it helps them get through the day with greater amounts of energy and significantly reduced levels of pain. Remember, it has those analgesic properties similar to opioids, so that is one of the main reasons why it’s being banned in those states with legislation proposed in some of the other 44.

A Word of Warning

If you are living in a state that hasn’t classified Kratom as a Schedule I drug, it is recommended that you don’t buy anything from a curbside store or a gas station. You may find good herbal products at a health food store, but always do a bit of research on the manufacturer. It’s imperative to only buy Kratom, or any other supplement for that matter, from a manufacturer with a high standard of quality control.

Finally, remember in those states where the sale of Kratom is banned as a Schedule I drug, it may also be illegal to possess. Always check to see if there are laws against possessing and/or using Mitragyna Speciosa before ordering it online. While some distributors may not sell or send to those six states, others may take your order and send your supplements. Also, it pays to check the laws in your state from time to time because some states are currently discussing banning Kratom. If you are lucky enough to live in a state where Mitragyna Speciosa is legal, this is one multi-use supplement you just may wish to explore.

Something to Help you Collect Jewelry

Jewelry is quite a popular item to collect. People, mostly ladies, who gather as much as they can have their own motives: it can give them many options on what accessories to wear on any occasion; continuing a family tradition; or simply just to have something to show off. Nevertheless, a collection of jewelry can get really staggeringly big, and collectors often resort to using jewelry boxes to store them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big-time collector or just somebody who needs to maintain some jewelry to wear every day; you’ll need a jewelry box. There are many stores out there, but there is one that is worth our attention. Meet My Treasure Box. Leading the way as Australia’s premier source of jewelry and watch boxes, My Treasure Box and their items for sale are worth considering.

The Store: My Treasure Box

Aiming to bring Australia the best selection of watch and jewelry boxes at the best prices and striving to keep things that way, the people behind My Treasure Box pride themselves for their topnotch personalized customer service. Offering a massive assortment of box designs, My Treasure Box have obviously crafted their designs to suit the whim of every kind of customer out there, and if you think that what they have on their store right now, as seen in their website, is all that they have, change your mind; My Treasure Box is always adding new designs into the mix.

The store’s wares is what you would expect from a top jewelry box store; with designs ranging from vintage to modern, and from chic to the simplistic, it’s unlikely that you won’t find a box that suits your style and needs. One does not even need to be collecting jewelry in order to need a box; a featured box, the Pearl Time Men’s Jewelry and Watch Box, can actually double as a watch box or a container to put your personal stuff in, like your phone.

In case that your vanity will get the better of you, My Treasure Box’s products will also help you in showing off your collection, aside from helping with your collection hobby. For example, the Cambridge Large Five-Drawer Wooden Jewelry Box, while being proficient in storing different kinds of jewelries, it boasts a sense of style in showing off your collection; you can fully open all of its drawers and closets, totaling seven compartments, to show off your collection in a dazzling way.

With all these great sample boxes, there’s one more thing that’s making My Treasure Box stand out from the competition, and that is its free delivery. You read it right; the items in their site have prices that are inclusive of any delivery charge that may be incurred for your order. Saying that their delivery service may be sloppy hence the free delivery, it’s not the case here; they value your time, and so they have multiple warehouses scattered across the country to make sure that you get your items as soon as possible!

Starting a collection may be a bit tedious, but maintaining a collection, especially on your pieces of jewelry, doesn’t have to be hard. Get help by getting a jewelry box with the best deals from My Treasure Box today!

The Most Popular Sandwich Combinations Revealed

The sandwich is the most popular food in the world, without doubt. Nearly all countries and cultures have their take on the sandwich. The type of bread may change, the fillings may be hot or cold, and the sandwich may be wrapped or open or folded, but they are all still sandwiches. A taco is a sandwich, and so is a hamburger. Sandwiches are everywhere.

Here are the seven most popular sandwiches that anyone can make at home, most are a traditional style but a couple may surprise you.

Shrimp Po’ Boy

This list isn’t a top ten, it is in no particular order. But this is first up for a number of reasons, and flavor is the number one. You can always rely on the South to be flavor country, and New Orleans never disappoints. This Louisiana classic should not be missed.

Roast Beef on Weck

New York has been keeping this classic a secret for too long. The traditional thinly sliced roast beef that has made New York delicatessens famous the world over gets the horseradish kick it has always been longing for, served on a Kummelweck roll.

The Rueben

The Rueben is in some ways an American success story. There are many legends surrounding the origins of the Ruben sandwich, with New York and Nebraska making strong claims to its invention. New York has the strongest, with three different origin stories based in the city and the presence of finely sliced corned beef in its original recipe.

The West Denver Omelet Sandwich

I bet the idea of an omelet sandwich may surprise you, but this classic is well worth considering. The tasty omelet is served hot between two buttered slices of bread, or toast, and is great for breakfast, or any time of the day really.

The French Dip Sandwich

Don’t let the name fool you, this sandwich was born in Los Angeles. The sandwich is filled with roast beef again, but topped with melted cheese and served with a warm jus gravy for dipping. Two restaurants claim they invented the sandwich, and no one is sure who has the better claim to it. The sandwich is best presented on a thick wooden board; you can buy them here to complete the look of this simple but wonderful sandwich.


Here is another Californian offering; the Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Avocado sandwich. It is just like a BLT, that you should probably have experienced by now, but adds sliced avocado into the mix.

The Lobster Roll

Lobster may be the most expensive choice on many restaurant menus worldwide, but that doesn’t mean it is too good for a sandwich. Far from it, in fact, this sandwich is definitely one you should try. Simply constructed from Maine lobster, it’s coated with browned butter on a New England roll.

All of these sandwiches deserve to be on your culinary bucket list. The sandwich is perhaps humanity’s finest invention, so why not try out some of the best sandwiches in the world at home, and pick a few off our list.

The Safest Trampoline Brand to Choose this 2019

Owning a backyard trampoline is like having your personal gym and playground at the same time. Most people view trampoline as something to enjoy and pass the time. But do you know that playing on a trampoline is a healthy exercise?

According to health professionals, trampoline exercise is one of the best forms of exercises for adults. It offers countless health benefits like the ones below.

  • Burns calories and supports fast weight loss
  • Increases lymphatic flow to remove toxins in the body
  • Facilitates in natural body detoxification
  • Improves immune system
  • Strengthens bones and increases bone mass
  • Increases blood and oxygen circulation to boost cell energy
  • Improves body equilibrium and enhances good posture

Indeed, using trampoline will help you reach your fitness goals this year. Moreover, you can expect a healthy body and mind with this exercise.

Now, take in mind that trampoline can also be dangerous. If you happen to buy a poor quality trampoline, it may lead to accidents and fatal injuries like a broken leg or arm. To avoid such hazards from occurring, what you have to do is find the safest trampoline brand in the market this year.

Trampolines Today is here to guide you in searching for the best product in this industry. This informative website provides product reviews of the best-seller trampolines to buy. Likewise, this site posts guidelines and advice to assist buyers in looking for a 100% safe and durable trampoline.

From this source and customer reviews of leading online stores like Amazon, one of the safest trampoline in the market as of now is Zupapa.

Introducing the Zupapa Trampoline

The Zupapa Trampoline is a German manufactured product rated as the best choice trampoline by customers and review websites. This item is popular for its quality, durability, price, and safety.

The frame of the product is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel which is guaranteed long-lasting and durable. It features stability due to the bracket-shaped legs it has. Moreover, it is built-in with safety net poles that provide additional strength on the trampoline.

The latest model of Zupapa trampolines features an upgraded Safer Unique No-gap Jumping Mat Design. This feature assures that the person playing on the trampoline is 100% safe.

Zupapa has 108 springs that are also constructed using heavy gauged galvanized steel. Most trampolines in the market have only 96 springs for 12-foot models. The 108 springs in Zupapa is one of the reasons why it is more durable and stable in comparison to other brands.

This product is TUV certified. TUV Nord is a reputable European certification agency that grants certifications for sporting equipment, toys, and household appliances. The standardization of TUV is too strict and difficult to follow. But the Zupapa passed their requirements and standards for quality and outstanding trampoline.

This item is available in different sizes which include 12, 14 and 15 ft. It is suitable for kids and young adults. The maximum weight capacity of this item is 192 lbs for 15 ft, 184 lbs for 14 ft and 164 lbs for 12 ft.

Do you want to have a trampoline?

Find out more how to get one through the Trampolines Today. Also, check this website for additional info on the latest best-seller trampolines this 2019.

Why Use a Sleep Mask? Discovering the Benefits

Are you planning to go on travel in the next month?

Traveling is exhausting, especially if you are going on a long-distance trip. Whether it is for a business purpose or a vacation, sitting on a car or riding on plane hours long can drain your energy. That is why as much as possible, you catch sleep while traveling to avoid tiredness.

But the problem is this, sleeping while riding a vehicle is uncomfortable. You could not sleep properly due to lack of privacy. Likewise, some commuters keep on making noises to busy themselves while traveling.

Then, how can you sleep comfortably despite being on public transportation?

That is why you need a sleep mask.

A sleep mask is one of the necessary travel paraphernalia you must not forget while on a trip. Although it seems small and insignificant, yet, a sleep mask has a beneficial function. It can provide you the comfort and privacy you need when taking a nap.

Aside from comfort, using a sleeping mask has more to offer. Here are the wonderful benefits of using this item.

#1 Improves Sleep Quality

It is true that a person sleeps better in darkness rather than in broad daylight. According to the experts, it is an evolutionary characteristic of humans. People are naturally diurnal even back the ancestors. It means that a person is awake during the day and sleeps at night. Hence, the brain is wired in associating darkness with sleep. That is the reason why you fall asleep faster in darkness compared when there is light.

Using a sleep mask supports quality sleep. It improves your sleeping condition by blocking light. And, when you can sleep properly, you are also helping your body to recover from stress and fatigue due to work exhaustion.

#2 Helps Individuals with Insomnia

Albeit not a life-threatening condition, however, insomnia can affect the overall well-being of a person. It can lead to lack of energy, poor mental functions as well as low physical performance. Also, this condition can trigger health problems such as high blood pressure and heart problems.

Wearing a sleep mask helps a person with this condition to sleep more during the day. It supports in muting the distractions and noise that causes a person to remain awake. In this manner, the body can catch sleep and take time in regaining energy.

If you are suffering from insomnia, using sleep mask is extremely helpful in treating your condition.

#3 An Affordable Option

A sleep mask is an affordable choice for improving sleep. Yes, there is a wide range of options that can help you sleep better like installing a blackout curtain or taking supplements. However, if you are searching for a low-cost and healthier alternative, a sleep mask is your best shot.

There is also a wide variety of sleep mask in the market. If you want to know how to get one, find out here at Escaping the Midwest.

The next time you go on long-distance travel, never forget to bring a sleep mask. It is your best defense against stress and fatigue caused by traveling.

What to Prepare For Better Hiking Experience

Hiking is considered as the number one outdoor activity that can help a person replenish energy and to release stress. It does not only require a person from using his or her whole body, but it also give the opportunity for you to be with nature; breathe in some fresh air.

There are essential items one needs to prepare before going for a hike. Here are some of the things you should consider preparing before going on the hiking trip.


It is obviously important to prepare the best hiking backpack you can find in the market. Fashion aside, it is best to look for a hiking backpack that can help you more than being a burden. There are backpacks that provide you with more space for your gears and necessity. But its space comes with heavier weight. Consider your physical condition. It is best to pack the things that you are certain that will be needed. For those are not necessary, leave them behind. There are also backpacks that feature more pockets than others; more pockets mean more space. Always remember that a good backpack not only provides you with the space that you need, but it also should be comfortable to use and is well fitted.

Hiking Boots

Best to wear comfortable outfit during the hike like shorts or long pants (depending on the weather and location) and hiking boots. Hiking boots will not only help you travel more conventiently, but it will protect your feet from any external dangers. In this case, you might want to find the best hiking boots in the market. Some hiking boots have waterproof features; which is best for trails with body of water that you will have to cross. Try them all out before the date. It is best to try it beforehand than suffer with blisters and foot sores.

Tents and Sleeping Mats

In case you will have to stay for the night, you might want to consider bringing with you a tent and sleeping mat. In order to have the energy to move on for the following day, you will have to have a good night’s sleep and a comfortable rest. A good quality tents and sleeping mat will give you the comfort you will need for the night. Bring with you a tent that is easy to install and has all the necessary features to protect you from any external dangers. Also, you must look for a sleeping mat that is easy to keep and is lightweight.

Other Necessities

You should also keep in your list other things you might need to bring. Necessities such as food and water, mosquito repellent, and first aid kit should be included in that list. You might need to walk for a long distance and you will have to replenish the loss energy. And one thing that will help you with that is by taking food and water. In case you are in a situation that can’t be avoided wherein you are hurt, you will have to bring with you a first aid it.

Unregulated Martial Arts in Alabama and Keeping People Safe

The era of regulated mixed martial arts within Alabama is proving to have more than its fair share of complications. From a shrinking fighter base to a rash of unforeseen injuries, the newly encountered issues have caused problems for local promoters even forcing the cancellation of one event.

Similar to the recent stretch of bad luck that has affected the Ultimate Fighting Championship of late, Alabama’s local scene has fell victim to a high number of sudden injuries from accidents both recreational and during training.

Examples of recent injuries include the unfortunate incident in which David McAfee was severely injured during training and had a hole punched in his trachea while in a chokehold. Not realizing the severity of his injury “D’Mac” continued training and suffered a subsequent shattering of his right eye socket. He had been scheduled to compete at Atlas Fights MMA on July 14 but will now be sidelined for around 12 weeks.

Jack Whitfield was another victim of the injury bug after tearing both his anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament over the past week. Whitfield is set to have surgery later this month and will be on the shelf for the next six weeks before being able to return to training.

Making the injuries even more problematic for promoters is the fact that many of the state’s eligible fighters are being forced to sign contracts preventing them from competing upon other shows 30-days prior to the scheduled event.

Some have questioned the validity of making amateur fighters sign a contract while others argue it is just good business sense. Ultimately, the practice reduces the fighter pool a promoter can draw from, but other promoters look at it as protecting their interests.

Another reason promoters have found it difficult to keep their rosters stacked is due to the mandatory medical suspensions that are levied against fighters following competition. Every person that fights must serve an involuntary seven-day suspension afterwards, and anyone that lost via knockout or TKO is also subject to a 30, 60, or 90-day suspension as well.

An injured fighter will be placed in the national database as suspended for seven days and will come off automatically after that date. The competitor will not be able to take another fight during that time. Anyone that does participate in mixed martial arts action while suspended will lose their fighter license, could face a lengthy suspension and, would have to present themselves before the commission. Fighters are urged to use protective training gear and tools like those reviewed here – US Combat Sport’s Focus Mitts. 

Finally, the amount of licensed and eligible fighter pool may be beginning to dwindle from Olympic to kiddie pool due to fighters competing on unsanctioned shows not authorized by the Alabama Athletic Commission. Any fighter that participates in these shows will likely have their license suspended for 60 days. A second violation of this rule could result in a permanent suspension.

No one said that making the sudden change to the regulation era would be a smooth and perfect process. But with proper safety measures, a more legitimate manner in handling injuries, and an education as to what will cause athletes to be suspended, fighters and promoters have the ability to work together in order to create a more harmonious solution to some of the early problems being faced within Alabama’s mixed martial arts scene.

The Big Role of a Data Analyst in the Industry

analysis of data job

In every aspect of the world today, data plays a crucial role in deeply understanding  and improving situations and conditions. Whether it’s a University’s research department or the fast food chain you drive thru, all these places use data for their businesses. Data is everywhere and its usage can simply be applied to everything. Especially now that the world is rapidly advancing, gathering of big and small data has become the center of every institution.  From learning how to handle websites to producing food products, and many more, data is essential. Hence, there is a demand for data analysts, those which administer the analysis of data. There are even AI data analytics available in the industries today.

Data Analysis

Also known as data analytics, data analysis, in general, is a process of checking, analyzing, and modelling data in order to obtain useful information that may aid in creating decisions or suggesting conclusions. Common data analysis techniques involve data mining, used for predictive purposes, business intelligence, for business information, predictive analytics, and text analytics.

Simply put, data analysis refers to obtaining raw data and transforming it into useful information to aid the beneficiaries of the information. And almost always, data is collected and interpreted to answer certain queries, test and/or disprove theories and hypotheses.

Now that we have broken down what data analysis is all about, let’s look into the actual duties and responsibilities of data analysts who are in the field.

uses of data in business

Duties of a Data Analyst

  • Conduct research.

In many institutions and industries, the data analysts, themselves, conduct the research as they, understandably, are very familiar and knowledgeable with the different approaches in studying the environment which they are working for.

  • Analyze data.

Once the research has been conducted and data has been collected, the main role of the data analysts come in place and that is to analyze the data they have on their hands. Analyzing data would mean running descriptive, qualitative, and quantitative statistical tests, tracking outliers, determining patterns, and interpreting the results.

  • Relay the results.

Not everyone speaks the data analyst’s language and so, one of the bigger challenges for data analysts is relaying the results to the rest of the team. Data analysts will have to explain what the results mean for their business.

  • Manage the data.

Finally, data analysts manage the data. They are the ones who will be able to determine how the collected data should be used for the improvement of their, let’s say, products and services. Data may be used to create strategic plans for the company, or perhaps, to make changes in their systems.

Indeed, data acquisition and analysis is very important and so, if you’re interested to know more about data and its acquisition systems, feel free to check out DAQIFI’s data systems.

Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners

So I’ve been asked to bestow some of my fly fishing “knowledge” onto Jen, a relative newcomer to this piscatorial pastime.  While a greater honor I’ve never had, I must come clean….she’s asking the wrong person.  I may write a fancy blog with a lot of bells and whistles making it look like I’m knowledgeable about something, as far as fly fishing goes…well…you’ve all seen my fishing reports. However since she asked, and asked nicely, here it goes…because I’ll never say “no” to a pretty lady.

Tip #1:  Don’t be afraid to lose flies.  Actually, it’s a good thing.  Fish, such as trout, tend to like cover of some sort.  Inside root balls, behind rocks, beneath overhanging branches, etc…are all prime places to find a fish just waiting to ambush your fly.  Unfortunately, especially as a beginner, if you’re casting to these places, you’ll likely get snagged and snarled on them too.  If you’re not losing flies, you’re missing some prime real-estate…unless of course you’re fishing directly into a hatchery pen.  In that case, you don’t even need a fly, a piece of dog food will make do just fine.

Tip #2:  (Related to #1)  In your first year or so, don’t bother attempting to tie your own flies.  Yeah, you’ll read a lot of cool blogs with pictures of beautiful flies tied by magicians of the vise.  There’s also a certain bit of satisfaction one takes from catching a fish on a fly they tied.  That noted, spend your time on the water refining your skills, not at the vise. Tying flies WILL NOT save you money in the long run, tying flies DOES NOT make you any better than the next guy (or gal), and all those children workers in China, India, & Africa need something to do now that they’re no longer allowed to make basketball shoes and soccer balls.

Tip #3:  After missing a hookset or losing a fish during the fight after going considerable time nary a nibble, shouting four-letter expletives at the top of your lungs is not only acceptable, but the sign of a true sportsman. Knowing that you have quality gear including fishing waders is imperative. Consider it the equivalent of yelling “FORE” on the golf course; a fair warning to any nearby anglers to clear out and not ask you in passing “any luck?”

Tip #4:  Always carry a little bit of toilet paper or a few baby wipes in a Ziploc bag with you in your fishing pack.  Especially when fishing “off the beaten path.”

Tip #5:  To close, here’s a few quick blogging tips.

o First, keep up the great work.  Your blog makes great use of the medium; a nice mix of words and pictures.

o Second, social media is great, but the best form of networking for a newbie is commenting on other blogger’s posts.  Don’t think Tweetbook is the be all and end all.

o Third, don’t get consumed by stats like visitors, hits, etc…  You’ll find your audience soon enough.  IMHO, a small but active following is 1,000 times more rewarding than a large but quiet one.

o Fourth, if you choose to ignore the previous tip, pictures of scantily clad fisher-women do wonders for traffic numbers.  Just thought I’d make that PERFECTLY CLEAR.

o Finally, don’t believe everything those WordPress folks say, Blogger is rad. A few of us do just fine without Plug Ins.

All that sound good?  I thought so.

if you’re up for another interesting topic to read, check out this article on solar energy.

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