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April 2017

On Using Solar Energy: The Advantages and Disadvantages

benefits of solar energy

The sun is an extremely powerful source of energy. In fact, the energy it supplies our own planet Earth for a single hour is actually enough to meet a year of global energy needs. This is exactly why many scientists, environmentalists and solar-energy enthusiasts are determined to push the usage of solar energy across the globe. The use of solar power in Ottawa, Canada and many other places in the world have been increasingly popular because of its benefits. But before discussing any of its advantages, let us first take a look at how the sun can support our home’s electricity.  How exactly does solar energy systems work?

The Process

To absorb the sun’s rays as energy, a solar panel is needed. Solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells, or PV cells. These cells are responsible for converting sunlight into direct current, or DC, electricity. An inverter then converts DC electricity into alternating current, or AC, electricity. Afterwards, this AC electricity is forwarded to the home’s electrical panel in order to turn on the appliances, lights, etc.

The Advantages

  • It is renewable.

Unlike other sources of energy, we will never run out of some sun. At least, not in a billion years. And so, it is safe to say that solar energy is completely renewable. What’s great is solar energy is always available anywhere on earth.

  • It reduces electricity bills.

With the use of solar energy systems, your electricity bill will definitely become lower. Basically, it’s a good choice to have both solar energy systems and utility grid; using them alternately will help you save more in the long run.

  • It has low cost of maintenance.

Once you purchase a solar energy system, you don’t really have to worry about maintaining it. Yes, solar panels do require only a little maintenance since they do not really have mechanical parts that might fail in time. After their installation, they are usually very reliable and problem-free.

uses of solar panels

  • It is useful for many applications.

Not only are solar panels great at supplying electricity for you lights, TV, radio, etc., solar energy systems can also be used for many other applications such as heating water. Furthermore, solar energy systems help supply energy to areas which cannot be reached by utility grids.

  • It is continuously being researched on and improved.

With more research comes more improvements for solar energy systems. Fortunately, research and improvement for solar energy systems do not just stop here, today. Scientists and researchers continue to find ways to make this energy system more efficient and effective for the world.  

If you’re interested to know more about solar energy and how it helps the planet, you can check out green energy information sites.

The Disadvantages

  • It has a high initial cost.

It’s true that purchasing a commercial solar energy system is quite costly. However, your pocket only hurts initially; afterwards, there’s really not much to spend on. In addition, many families have also ventured into DIY solar panels.

  • It is dependent on weather.

One downside to solar energy systems is the fact that this energy system depends highly on weather. Cloudy and rainy days might not be the best days to make use of this source of energy. But of course, this will come in handy during the summer.

A Guide in Disputing Credit Errors The Right Way

how to dispute credit error

One of the worst days in your life might just be receiving a credit report with loads and loads of never ending errors. It’s possible that you might actually be a victim of an honest mistake in the part of some creditors but more alarmingly, you might want to make sure that you are not mistaken for somebody else. As you know, bad records on your credit report can stay for as long as 7 to 10 years and this is exactly why you should do something to fix your credit errors as soon as possible.

So if you’re someone who is looking to resolve equifax credit report issues or any issues by other credit bureaus, you might as well follow the following steps for a successful dispute.

Request for a new credit report.

First and foremost, you must ensure that the information you are about to dispute is current and so, you will need to order a new report. Make sure you order a fresh credit report directly from the bureau and not from a reseller or a third party since their reports might already be merged. Just so you know, you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report at least once every year.

Go over the mistakes, big and small.

With the new report at hand, go over the information and take note of all the mistakes you can detect. Regardless if the errors are small or big, highlight them all. Even misspellings and errors on your address should also be taken note. Try to go over the companies that pulled your credit information, if there are some companies which you have never heard of before or never dealt with, raise this concern to your bureau as this may be a sign of a mix-up in their part.

Write a dispute letter.

To bring your concerns to the bureau, you must write a certified letter. Although major bureaus check out errors being disputed online, it is highly discouraged to do the task online. The best way to do it is by mailing the dispute; this will help you avoid forced arbitration in case you need to challenge the bureau.

reasons for credit report error

Attach evidence or proof.

If you have copies of any document that could support your claims, make sure you attach them. Documents such as mortgage receipts, loan documents or even just credit card receipts may already be a big help. Other documents such as police reports, etc. should also be included.

Wait for 45 days before making inquiries.

You must give the credit bureau some time to investigate. Typically, they are to do the investigation within 30 days. If you want to get in touch with the bureau, you may also reach them through landline; otherwise, just wait for the verdict as they will send you a written one.

Write another letter if there is no response after 45 days.

If there is no response from them after 45 days, you may write another certified letter. For this letter, it’s best to raise the fact that the bureau has failed to respond and investigate your dispute.

Consult a lawyer.

If the errors are ongoing and never settled despite multiple disputes, perhaps, it would be best for you to consult a legal professional such as a lawyer to assist you and for you to be able to deal with this issue in the most efficient and effective way.