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May 2019

The Most Popular Sandwich Combinations Revealed

The sandwich is the most popular food in the world, without doubt. Nearly all countries and cultures have their take on the sandwich. The type of bread may change, the fillings may be hot or cold, and the sandwich may be wrapped or open or folded, but they are all still sandwiches. A taco is a sandwich, and so is a hamburger. Sandwiches are everywhere.

Here are the seven most popular sandwiches that anyone can make at home, most are a traditional style but a couple may surprise you.

Shrimp Po’ Boy

This list isn’t a top ten, it is in no particular order. But this is first up for a number of reasons, and flavor is the number one. You can always rely on the South to be flavor country, and New Orleans never disappoints. This Louisiana classic should not be missed.

Roast Beef on Weck

New York has been keeping this classic a secret for too long. The traditional thinly sliced roast beef that has made New York delicatessens famous the world over gets the horseradish kick it has always been longing for, served on a Kummelweck roll.

The Rueben

The Rueben is in some ways an American success story. There are many legends surrounding the origins of the Ruben sandwich, with New York and Nebraska making strong claims to its invention. New York has the strongest, with three different origin stories based in the city and the presence of finely sliced corned beef in its original recipe.

The West Denver Omelet Sandwich

I bet the idea of an omelet sandwich may surprise you, but this classic is well worth considering. The tasty omelet is served hot between two buttered slices of bread, or toast, and is great for breakfast, or any time of the day really.

The French Dip Sandwich

Don’t let the name fool you, this sandwich was born in Los Angeles. The sandwich is filled with roast beef again, but topped with melted cheese and served with a warm jus gravy for dipping. Two restaurants claim they invented the sandwich, and no one is sure who has the better claim to it. The sandwich is best presented on a thick wooden board; you can buy them here to complete the look of this simple but wonderful sandwich.


Here is another Californian offering; the Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Avocado sandwich. It is just like a BLT, that you should probably have experienced by now, but adds sliced avocado into the mix.

The Lobster Roll

Lobster may be the most expensive choice on many restaurant menus worldwide, but that doesn’t mean it is too good for a sandwich. Far from it, in fact, this sandwich is definitely one you should try. Simply constructed from Maine lobster, it’s coated with browned butter on a New England roll.

All of these sandwiches deserve to be on your culinary bucket list. The sandwich is perhaps humanity’s finest invention, so why not try out some of the best sandwiches in the world at home, and pick a few off our list.