How to Start Over Using your Engagement Ring

Every person dreams of sharing the rest of his or her with the right person. However, reaching that happily ever after is harder than you can imagine. It takes a few heartbreaks and mistakes before you meet the one person whom you would spend half of your life.

Broken engagements and divorce are not easy. Aside from the emotional pain, the hardest part of breaking up with someone whom you are planning to marry or married is the financial struggle.

Cases such as this have been brought to court. Ex-couples debates on who gets certain properties including the ring.

Although it is not written on the law, there is an unspoken engagement ring etiquette. When it is the man who committed a mistake before the wedding day, he could never get back the ring; it stays in the hands of the woman as compensation. On the other hand, if the woman is the one to break-up with the guy, she must give the ring back to the man openly.

An engagement ring is not cheap. It is an investment which can help a person survive from financial struggles, especially after a divorce. Thus, if you are facing the same problem today and questioning yourself what to do with the ring, this might be the right time to consider selling it.

Yes, selling an engagement ring is a difficult choice. Though you have experienced despair from it, however, there are still good memories on it that are worth treasuring. But it is now the moment to be pragmatic and smart. Think of the advantages you can gain from selling your ring. You can use it to start a new life and support your kids.

How to Sell an Engagement Ring?

If your ring has a GIA certification, then, you can immediately look for a jeweler who would buy your ring. But if you have none, look for a trustworthy jeweler who can give you the right value which your ring deserves.

Never trust any agent that you met on the street or knocks at your door. It could be a scam or a fraud agent claiming to be a part of a famous jewelry store. It is best that you are the one to look for a jeweler to avoid fraud. And, one of the leading jewelry stores you’ll find within the country is Speedy Diamond.

Who’s the Speedy Diamond?

The Speedy Diamond is one of the largest independent jewelry stores in America. This store has been around since 1975, located at Augusta, Georgia and continuously offering services and high-grade products to customers.

This jewelry store buys and sells diamond rings as well as other precious stones. Their team is composed of GIA certified Gemologists who would inspect your diamond or diamond ring to assure the right value. Moreover, if you don’t want your friends or family members knowing you sell the ring, the store is happy to provide you a CZ ring with no charge.

What is your Decision?

You might want to take a long time deciding whether to sell your ring or not. But as you are on the process of making a decision, take time to visit the Speedy Diamond official website to see for yourself their services and reputation in the industry.

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